Hank Kirton

Welcome To The Membranous Lounge! Where ugliness and beauty melt and run together, where reality is temperamental and the boundary between “normal” and grotesque is nebulous. The Membranous Lounge is a zone of slippage, a twilight area between the layers of the world that are familiar and the terrifyingly unknown. It is a chimerical realm inhabited by the hopeless, dispossessed, and those who have simply turned away. Imagine if Ray Bradbury and Jeri Cain Rossi had a child that they locked away from the world, with only the Marquis De Sade for reading matter, and a dietary intake of bad LSD and atrocious B Movies. The Membranous Lounge would be the spawn of that child's imagination. With an introduction by Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus.

ISBN: 978-0615884424

“These stories have a gritty, dusty desperation. They evoke a smell redolent of smoke, from both cigarettes and raging fires. They are deceptively simple, several packing a punch in the gut using the most basic of prose.”

– Anita Dalton (I Read Odd Books)

US Paperback $11.10
UK  Paperback