Christopher Nosnibor

With An Introduction By Lucius Rofocale


Subtitled ‘Eight Tales of Everyday Horror and Depravity,’ the short stories and prose pieces featured in The Gimp are dark, twisted reflections of humanity in all its repulsive grotesqueness.

“With The Gimp Nosnibor shakes a jizz-dripping penis over the work of Peter Sotos and raises two fingers coated in faecal matter over the writing of Sade... disturbed and intense writing.” Dennis Cooper

“Offensive, indecent and embarrassing... this filth should be banned immediately.” Mary Whitehouse

“...arguably Nosnibor’s best.” Lucius Rofocale


ISBN-10: 0955693934

ISBN-13: 978-0955693939 

US Kindle: $5.18

UK Kindle: £3.35