The Changing Face of Consumerism could be considered to be Roland Barthes’ Mythologies for the Facebook / Credit Crunch generation. Based on a series of blog posts penned between 2007 and 2013, The Changing Face of Consumerism charts one man’s experience of a rapidly evolving consumer culture during the credit crunch and recession years. Containing previously unpublished essays alongside those that have appeared in various places, The Changing Face of Consumerism presents a snapshot of an eventful time in modern history, from the demise of MySpace and the local record store, to the rise of the Kindle and the resurgent popularity of home-brewed beer. Nosnibor doesn’t pretend to be an analyst or an economist and instead of offers thoughts based on his own personal experiences. Ponderous, insightful, wry and sometimes splenetic, Nosnibor’s writing is sharp and keenly observed, making The Changing Face of Consumerism an essential read for anyone with an interest in the effects of late capitalism on day-today life.


ISBN: 1291650377