Malcolm Mc Neill

Some things have slid by unquestioned for so long that somebody had to bring them up.


In this timely collection of short, eloquent stabs at accepted fact, Malcolm Mc Neill finally runs some ID on the wise guy – Homo sapiens – the self proclaimed, ‘smartest’ thing on the planet. With its entourage of sacred cows, naked emperors and woefully inadequate gods, it’s now getting ready to carry its convictions into space. From beef jerky theme parks to one-legged pigs... ticked off cannibals to cast iron drawers... stuttering prophets to born again bugs... Mc Neill reveals that its claims are far from convincing.


These wickedly erudite skewerings are an informative and surprisingly original way of seeing the most obvious things differently. “It’s a madhouse down here” ... best find a quiet spot to read and at least have a laugh.

MALCOLM MC NEILL worked as a political artist for The New York Times, cover artist for Marvel Comics and collaborated with author William S. Burroughs for almost a decade. His images have been exhibited in London, New York and Los Angeles. As a Director, he won numerous awards including an Emmy, and was introduced at the Broadcast Design Awards in 1991 as “…the man probably responsible for the most imitated [television] design style of the 1980s”. REFLUX+ is his fourth book.

Paperback $14.95