Craig Woods

“Tune your ear to your soul and let it ring.”

Squirrel is a world-weary firebrand, haunted by spectres of her volatile past and driven to angst by everyday injustice. Annie is an adolescent enigma who emerges from the winter shadows with a scrapbook full of secrets and a heart ablaze with poetry. Together they embark on a tour of Glasgow’s furtive fringes; following a map of wounds towards a boundless hinterland where art, culture, and history converge with memory and desire.

A genre-defying odyssey told across three volumes, Redshift Over Badtown is at once a hymn to the city of Glasgow; a whimsical series of riffs on questions of culture, politics, and identity; and a comprehensive exploration of the human predicament in all its beauty, horror, and untrammelled contradictions.

From Craig Woods, contributing editor at Paraphilia Magazine, this first volume presents a cast of engaging characters and a sumptuously peculiar perspective that will linger long in the mind.

UK Paperback 


US Paperback $14.25