Craig Woods

This is where everything splinters...’

A panicked flight from an unspeakable enemy. A codex of scars. Sisterly angels offering sanctuary at the Clyde’s shore. Stories bridling over their pages. A tragedy unfolding in a landscape of poetry. A hoard of memory cracking at its seams. Dark stains on a broken mirror. Truths encrypted in the ink of old comic books. A fox weeping in the glow of a red star. A revolt brewing. A city revealing itself to itself. The thunder of crows’ wings beckoning towards a larger and more turbulent canvas.

In this breathtaking second volume of Redshift Over Badtown, Craig Woods plunges the reader deeper into an uncertain terrain replete with visions and portents, where identities and narratives blur, and where time is nebulous. Through it all a very human heart beats, resonating with an appeal for justice in an austere climate. Emotionally compelling, darkly humorous, and stylistically audacious, this central part of the saga defines it as a true celebration of all that is possible in the novel form.

UK Paperback 


US Paperback $14.00