Craig Woods

“This is where the strand breaks ... for each of us.”

Buoyed on tides of heartbreak and rage, Squirrel’s journey finds her enlisting with a cast of eccentric characters as they converge towards a devastating destination beyond established parameters of time and narrative. In the heart of a hybrid milieu where the landscapes of art, memory, pain, and the city are fused, a host of overwhelming truths wait to be exhumed.

Drawing together a dizzying cluster of narrative threads and dreamlike subplots, this third and final volume of Redshift Over Badtown is a tour de force of enigmatic storytelling and stylistic innovation. At turns transcendent, horrific, and hilarious, its extravagances are underpinned by an irrepressible humanity; a tragic, wounded voice that rallies instinctively for hope in even the most hopeless impasse.

UK Paperback 


US Paperback $14.75