James Wells


(Kindle only) – PB due Autumn 2012


Rob Price is a music journalist. Hes a hard-drinking hack whos frustrated, skint and cynical, and hes drowning in a pile of CDs to review that he simply doesnt have the time to listen to. Hes not only got money issues, but girlfriend issues, flatmate issues, personal hygiene issues and a rampant libido hes incapable of keeping in check after a few pints.

Hack follows Rob round endless seedy dive venues as he finds himself at odds with the people he meets in an industry teeming with hangers on, wannabes, maybes and no-hopers, as he sneers, snorts, tokes and spews his way through a succession of sordid encounters and dangerous liaisons in his quest for that
big story.

A graphic and darkly comic tale of misanthropy, music and misadventure, Hack makes Lester Bangs seem positively straight edge in comparison to Price. This book is to music journalism what John Niven
s Kill Your Friends is to A&R – only grimier, slimier and grittier. While some writers go for the jugular, James Wells just goes straight for the jugs.


US Kindle: $3.96

UK Kindle: £2.56