Christopher Nosnibor


Tim and Anthony are very different people, leading very different lives, following different careers in different cities. Tim is a conformist: office job, moderately successful, and teetering on the brink of a premature midlife crisis. Anthony is a rebellious non-conformist: a writer who sneers at the humdrum and derides corporate sell-outs. But are they really so very different? The two narratives of From Destinations Set trace these charactersactivities as they occur in parallel – not only in terms of time, but also literally, with the page divided into two columns with one story in the left, the other in the right. As events and personalities unravel in each of the two separate stories, the similarities, rather than the differences, become apparent. But more than this, as the two plots develop, questions are raised as to precisely whos writing the script: is Tims dislocation symptomatic of his breakdown, or is there some connection between him and Anthony?


ISBN-10: 0955693969

ISBN-13: 978-0955693960 

US PB: $12.95

UK PB: £5.99