Edited By Christopher Nosnibor

The core vision of Clinical Brutality, the mode of writing espoused by Clinicality Press’ publications revolves around the idea of everyday violences depicted in the most direct, clinical and even medical terms. Life is brutal. The smallest interactions can extract immense measures of pain, from a simple word that serves as the twist of an invisible knife to the all too common domestic slap around the face or even the playful punch. No harm intended, no offense meant, but plenty taken and untold damage done. Clinical Brutality is all about the everyday, thrown into sharp, crystalline relief – so sharp it stings, so sharp it draws blood and leaves mental scars for all eternity. Clinical, Brutal 2 follows the original 2010 anthology and collects the cream of the contemporary literary crop in one hard-hitting volume.

US Paperback $14.85
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