Díre McCain

A thought-provoking literary experience from Díre McCain, author of Playing Chicken With Thanatos.


A Scar Is Borne is a potent cocktail of ten grotesque yet true-to-life human condition tales driven by characters frequently encountered in the surreal and often absurd seriocomedy called Life.


Irresistibly disturbing, morbidly hilarious, and suffused with heart, A Scar Is Borne is not for the squeamish or narrow-minded, whatever their views. Possible side effects include an inability to stop devouring pages despite recurring discomfort, and experiencing exquisite guilt for feeling certain emotions evoked along the way. Intemperance is encouraged, while bearing in mind that no one is watching, and it's not only permissible to feel any emotions that arise, but also perfectly natural.

Cover illustration by Sean Madden

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