The restraints and constraints of cultural conditioning are omnipresent, spreading like knotweed into every crevice of humankind’s psyche, throttling genuine expression at its roots.


Over the years, wo/man has progressively acquiesced and, at times, eagerly collaborated in the widespread poisoning, consequently imposing cretinizing and debilitating conditions on expression, all in the name of propriety, popularity, and profit. Nowadays, artists often consider their “careers” before even embarking on the creative process. The insidious whispering of the superego and almighty dollar is looming over their shoulders, ensuring that the original, sincere, and thought-provoking is vetted and curbed.


Not surprisingly, the epidemic has spread beyond the mainstream, giving birth to a generic, contrived, ersatz version of the “avant-garde” that’s been shamelessly commodified and mass-marketed, driving otherwise “normal” people to assume conspicuous yet transparent costumes, all in an effort to fit in or cash in. It’s now burgeoned into an absurd masquerade that’s garnered a sizeable attendance.


Enter Paraphilia, an unlicensed, underground enterprise that renounces established rules, regulations, guidelines, genres, categories, and all other humanmade shackles. Paraphilia recognizes that expression is a fundamental function of the human organism, and within these walls, it will only be presented in the purest, rawest, most unfettered form. The sole requirement for admission is an open mind, so do come in, we embrace your presence.